Good Day or Bad Day…You Decide

November 24, 2010

Winter is coming. It has never been easy for me since I moved to Europe 6 years ago. Especially now, I am living in an apartment where there are 5 electric heaters, but 4 of them behave like… you choose Maximum or No heating!!!! Okie!

I had experience from the last 2 years that I have been in France that, if you go out, walking, you need to be well equipped. So I started to stock boots for special weather. I am in France, but I got a pair of Willey, in case of rain. I got sheep skin boots for very cold and snowing days and I got a pair of most beautiful masculine boots from NAVY BOOTs from my dear hubby when it is cold and I need to look stylish. Crazy hah!

I tried to figure it out why do I need all these for? I got the answer not long ago.

I am far from home, from my family and I am alone here in this place. So I tried to get whatever I can have to prove that…there is someone loves me…somewhere…I need no fear.

These funny material stuffs make me feel warm when I am home…

It sounds SAD, right? Don’t!

Because from now on, I know that SOMEONE is really there for me. I need not to buy the latest trendy coat, dress or shoes to prove that I really have someone.

Distance is tough. I am sure there are many people doubting on us (me and my husband), for how long can we carry on.

I DON’T KNOW…I know only, Distance is there. But I just simply ignored it.

There is something I got to do for my life, so I prefer to keep walking “hand in hand” with my husband.

I have decided I will have good days from now on.