Do you know there is Thai dessert called “Floating Lotus”?

Yesterday I invited a friend over for a dinner. We are two Thais in Tours who are so fond of cooking. I did not know what shall we have for the main dish. I only knew that the dessert would be “Floating Lotus” or “BuaLoi” in Thai.

BuaLoi is the traditional dessert from Thailand. From how it looks clearly it is influent by Chinese cuisine and with the sweet coconut soup, surely there is sweet Indian touch as well.

BuaLoi was my favorite dessert in my childhood. It was fun to prepare the dough and shape them in small balls. The most exciting time was when we boil them and wait to see these small white balls floating up one by one. Shall we start now?


150 g glutinous rice flour

150 g steamed taro

300 ml coconut mile

200 g sugar

Lets start

1. Mix the flour together with smashed steamed taro. If it is too dry, you can add a bit of water. Keep mixing it until it is very smooth.

2. Now we get it in off white or gray color, but it is fine if you wanted your BoaLoi a bit colorful

3. Suggestion, you can use natural color if you have in your kitchen. Otherwise, you can use color from vegetables or fruits

Pumpkin = yellow

Rootbeet=pinky red

Rooibos tea=pale orange (I used this)

Pandanus leaf= green

4. Divide your base dough and mix with colorants as you like, mix well

5. Make small balls at the size of your little fingure

6. Boil 1.5 l of water

7. Pour the balls in, wait until they float up

8. remove them out of the water

9. Mix 150 ml of coconut mile with 150 ml water

10. Heat it up and add sugar and a pinch of salt

11. When it start to boil add the rest of coconut milk and bring it to boil

12. add BuaLoi balls and turn off the heat immediately

13. Do not keep too long on heat as the coconut cream will separate from water

BuaLoi is great for the winter. We serve it warm. Sweet and soft texture of BuaLoi will warm up your stomach well.



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