Good Day or Bad Day…You Decide

November 24, 2010

Winter is coming. It has never been easy for me since I moved to Europe 6 years ago. Especially now, I am living in an apartment where there are 5 electric heaters, but 4 of them behave like… you choose Maximum or No heating!!!! Okie!

I had experience from the last 2 years that I have been in France that, if you go out, walking, you need to be well equipped. So I started to stock boots for special weather. I am in France, but I got a pair of Willey, in case of rain. I got sheep skin boots for very cold and snowing days and I got a pair of most beautiful masculine boots from NAVY BOOTs from my dear hubby when it is cold and I need to look stylish. Crazy hah!

I tried to figure it out why do I need all these for? I got the answer not long ago.

I am far from home, from my family and I am alone here in this place. So I tried to get whatever I can have to prove that…there is someone loves me…somewhere…I need no fear.

These funny material stuffs make me feel warm when I am home…

It sounds SAD, right? Don’t!

Because from now on, I know that SOMEONE is really there for me. I need not to buy the latest trendy coat, dress or shoes to prove that I really have someone.

Distance is tough. I am sure there are many people doubting on us (me and my husband), for how long can we carry on.

I DON’T KNOW…I know only, Distance is there. But I just simply ignored it.

There is something I got to do for my life, so I prefer to keep walking “hand in hand” with my husband.

I have decided I will have good days from now on.




My first French Tarte

November 22, 2010

I was a bit moody today. Too busy at work and got bored of people around. So I decided to treat myself well for a dinner (even if I am alone…who cares).

I brought home some cheese, fresh eggs and 50% discount spinach.


200 g baby spinach

200 g broccoli (mine one was old and a bit yellow). chopped in small pieces

1 onion finely chopped

2 tbs olive oil

100 ml milk

3 small eggs

100 g Roquefort (French Blue cheese), crumbled

salt and pepper

tarte dough (from the closet supermarket)

Lets start!

1. fry onion in olive oil until soft

2. add broccoli stir until 70% cooked remove from the pan

3. add a bit of oil and stir in the spinach fry until wilt, remove from the pan without water

4. beat eggs, add milk, a pinch of salt and pepper, add roquefort mix

5. grease tarte form with butter or olive oil (spread over with a bit flour)

6. spread the tarte dough over the form, trim

7. spread the broccoli and spinach over the tarte dough

8. pour in the egg mix and spring salt and pepper (but not too much, cheese is a already salty)

9. bake in the pre-heated oven at 170°C for 45 mins

While waiting, you may search for a bottle of good red wine in your cellar.

I got Bordeaux 2008 (won the gold medal in 2010). It was a good one. Not fruity at all, but also not very dry with very light sweet taste remains on your tongue. I bought it by chance, need to stock some more.



Do you know there is Thai dessert called “Floating Lotus”?

November 21, 2010

Yesterday I invited a friend over for a dinner. We are two Thais in Tours who are so fond of cooking. I did not know what shall we have for the main dish. I only knew that the dessert would be “Floating Lotus” or “BuaLoi” in Thai.

BuaLoi is the traditional dessert from Thailand. From how it looks clearly it is influent by Chinese cuisine and with the sweet coconut soup, surely there is sweet Indian touch as well.

BuaLoi was my favorite dessert in my childhood. It was fun to prepare the dough and shape them in small balls. The most exciting time was when we boil them and wait to see these small white balls floating up one by one. Shall we start now?


150 g glutinous rice flour

150 g steamed taro

300 ml coconut mile

200 g sugar

Lets start

1. Mix the flour together with smashed steamed taro. If it is too dry, you can add a bit of water. Keep mixing it until it is very smooth.

2. Now we get it in off white or gray color, but it is fine if you wanted your BoaLoi a bit colorful

3. Suggestion, you can use natural color if you have in your kitchen. Otherwise, you can use color from vegetables or fruits

Pumpkin = yellow

Rootbeet=pinky red

Rooibos tea=pale orange (I used this)

Pandanus leaf= green

4. Divide your base dough and mix with colorants as you like, mix well

5. Make small balls at the size of your little fingure

6. Boil 1.5 l of water

7. Pour the balls in, wait until they float up

8. remove them out of the water

9. Mix 150 ml of coconut mile with 150 ml water

10. Heat it up and add sugar and a pinch of salt

11. When it start to boil add the rest of coconut milk and bring it to boil

12. add BuaLoi balls and turn off the heat immediately

13. Do not keep too long on heat as the coconut cream will separate from water

BuaLoi is great for the winter. We serve it warm. Sweet and soft texture of BuaLoi will warm up your stomach well.



Hello world!

July 15, 2008

Hello there,

It has been a long time that I dream of having my own blog. It is not so difficult to have one, but it is difficult to start and keep it going. For example this blog, I created two years ago, but I did not write and do nothing with it.

Today, I decided to wake me up and start something.

If it is good enough, it will be the window for me to meet old friends and new friends, perhaps.

Lets see.